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Sunday, June 19, 2005

Charlie Chan's aphorism

Even though Chan was quoting Confuscious, the aphorism was particularly appropriate for today. Mary Fran and I have been fortunate to have two boys who are worthy indeed. Ted and Mike are intelligent, hard-working, caring men who are also fun to be around.

Ted is an advertising executive in Dallas. His wife, Laura, teaches seventh grade math. They have a daughter Morgan. When I see Ted, I'm surprised, pleased and proud of the relationship he has with his wife and his daughter. I hope he learned some of that from me, though I think he's a better father to Morgan than I was to him.

Mike is a student at the University of North Texas. He's an amzing uncle. Morgan is positively delighted whenever he comes around. The other amazing thing about Michael is his work ethic. He's one of the most diligent, hard-working people I know. In high school, he went out for wrestling his freshman year. It was a sport he knew nothing about, and one that is very demanding. He made all of the practices, all of the meets and was diligent about his conditioning. Nevertheless, he lost every bout his first year. And his second year. His third year, he had one victory, but, in spite of the losses, he stuck with it. Other guys on the team dropped out when things didn't go well. Not Michael. His senior year on the team, he kicked butt. He's an inspiration to me.