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Friday, June 17, 2005

Earl Staggs's Memory Of A Murder

You may know Earl Staggs from the Short Mystery Fiction Society. He's a great writer and an all-around good guy. His first novel, Memory Of A Murder is soon to be released by Quiet Storm. I had the pleasure of reading it in an earlier draft and it is a great read. As soon as it comes out, I'm getting a copy. Earl asked me to give him a blurb, so here's what I have to say about it.

In Adam Kingston, Earl Staggs gives us a normal guy, the kind of guy you'd sit down with over donuts and coffee. But Kingston has special talents--FBI training and psychic abilities. In Memory Of A Murder, Staggs takes the paranormal and makes it normal. He gives us a tight, gripping mystery that deftly combines pathology reports and psychic images, gunplay and romance to solve a sixteen year-old murder. But even though Kingston is psychic, don't expect séances and woo-woo. This is a story of detection at its best. Staggs delivers likeable characters and a compelling plot that is full of surprises. Through it all, there is Adam Kingston, a guy you'd like to have coffee with again and again.

Watch for it. You'll enjoy it.