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Thursday, November 30, 2006

Hawaiian Podcasts

Is there a better reason to subscribe to iTunes than for the Hawaiian posdcasts? I think not. Here are three that feed my nostalgia for the islands.

As I write this, I'm listening to the Nahenahe.Net which features news reviews and opinion about Hawaiian music from Keola Donaghy. If you like Hawaiian music this is the place. The current show features Hawaiian Christmas music with performers such as The Brothers Cazimero and the Matt Cutingub Orchestra.

If you miss the beaches as I do, there's the Hawaiian Surf Session Report, a daily surf video. The latest one shows body surfers, boogie boarders, and skim boarders at Sandy Beach on the East side of Oahu and then jumps to the North West shore at Mokuleia for some real board action. There's plenty of eye-candy from the scenic shoreline, to the crashing surf, to the surfers and beach bunnies.

The third and, in my opinion the best, is Beach Walks with Rox--a little Aloha everyday from Roxanne Darling who visits people and places to bring a picture of island life. Today's podcast features brief visits with people who make and sell special Hawaiian products--Lavendar, Kona coffee, Hawaiian ginger syrup and others. Well worth the visit.


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