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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Hawaiian Mysteries by Dorothy Francis

Two Hawaiian mysteries by Dorothy Francis, originally published in the 70s, have been re-issued in large print format by Thorndike/Chivers.

HAWAIIAN INTERLUDE (2004, originally published by Avalon, 1970)

Vicki Foster plans to skip college, marry her boyfriend, and get a job. But it's summer and she can't turn down the chance to go to Honolulu to work at the Hawaiian Reef Royal, an exotic hotel operated by her aunt Noel and her two cousins, Mark and Buzz. On her arrival, Vicki is swept up in a world full of new sights, sounds, and people, including Lili Lanuoka, a descendant of Hawaiian royalty, who for some reason is planning to end her stay at the hotel. Vicki realizes there are strange things afoot, somehow connecting Lili and the survival of the Hawaiian Reef Royal.

MURDER IN HAWAII (2002, originally published by Scholastic, 1973)

Her sister's frantic call for help has brought Ginny Ardan to Hawaii. In spite of Delores' fear, it all seems like a lush tropical dream to Ginny. But soon she, too, feels that the jasmine-scented air and languorous green water are full of menace. Someone is trying to kill her! But who? And why? Whoever it is . . . the pursuit is relentless and determined.