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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Olympic games

The Olympic games are over. Here are a few observations.

Wow! The Phelps touch and the Lezak comeback in the relay. If there is one thing to take away from the games, it is keep stroking until you touch the wall. How many swimming medals were won by someone who continued to stroke while the leader(at the time) glided into the wall? How must Cavic feel about taking that last glide? If you are an athlete, you can't give up, or relax. You have to keep struggling until the end. That's what Phelps did and he has the gold. That, I think, is the lesson of the games.

The basketball team putting their medals around Coach K. What a class act for a classy coach.

Women's basketball. Lisa Leslie gets her fourth gold. Awesome! Such great women athletes.

Women's soccer. Yay!

Ussein Bolt. Can you believe that guy?

Men's Volleyball. What a dramatic finish and what a victory for a team and coach that suffered so much.

Women's volleyball. Stacy Sykora comes in and the team surges. She chest bumps her teammates and fires them up. Okay, I'm biased. She was a star at Texas A&M. This was her third Olympics. She is porbably the best defensive player in the game. She practically defined the Libero position, the way Mike Ditka defined the tight end. At A&M they called her Psycho Sykora for her intensity of play. Would USA have silver if not for Stacy? I think not.

Beach volleyball. Men and women. This should be our new national pasttime. Kerri and Misty? Awersome athletes. And great to look at, too.

Dara Torres. What an inspiration. Natalie Coughlin, Katie Hoff also great.

Heartbreak: Lolo Jones nicking the hurdle. The men and women relay team dropping the baton.
Paula Radcliffe failing to win the marathon. It was sad to watch her struggle to the finish, but she did finish and that is no small accomplishment. It was sad to watch Deena Kastor drop out. Her performance in Athens, running a smart race and catching up to the leaders to medal at the end was an inspiration to marathoners. Here's wishing her a speedy recovery.

Why are they there? Trampoline, synchronized gymnastics. What's up with those? Give us softball!