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Monday, December 15, 2008


One of the recurring characters in my stories is Moon Ito. Moon is a tough guy and a sidekick of Ava. To Hawaiians, he would be called a "moke." Here's the Urban Dictionary definition of "moke."

Anyone (Usually of Hawaiian ancestry) who actively participates in one or more of the following moke activities-
Bodysurfing with McDonalds Tray
Hawaiian Canoe Paddling
Driving a Lifted Pickup
Listening to Reggae/Jawaiian Music
Playing an ukulele
Stealing shoes/slippahs
Smoking Weed
Hates haoles
Goes offroading
Goes hunting (for wild pigs)
Owns a pitbull (or some other bad-ass dog)
Works Security/Bounces
Has a "Proud to Be Hawaiian" sticker on his truck
Cruizes at da beach on his day off
Lives in "da country" outside of the city

There is one mandatory qualification though... For one to be a full fledged "moke", one must be well versed if not fluent in pidgin english.
Ho, Brah... U such a moke, cuz...

Wut, you going Waianae side? Watch out get plenny mokes out dea! No act dumb!!

All da mokes wen chase me outta da watah!!

Moon doesn't fit all the criteria. In particular, he doesn't hate haoles, al least he doesn't hate Ava, who is haole.