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Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Kukini means "runner" in Hawaiian

Here's me about mile 20 of the San Antonio Marathon. I don't look too bad in the picture. I'm not hurting much, but I'm completely out of gas. This was my slowest marathon yet.

Ernie Wright, my training partner at mile 20. At this point he was about 20 minutes ahead of me. He finished almost 40 minutes ahead.

Grandaughter Morgan on the left and my son Ted in the center. We're striking a pose after finishing the annual 3 mile Turkey Trot at A&M on Thanksgiving, ten days after the marathon.

By the way, the Honolulu Marathon will be run in twelve days on December 14. Honolulu was my first. I still remember climbing Diamond Head Hill and standing on the wall near the lighthouse was the hottest looking chick in the tiniest bikini holding a sign that said, "Run your ass off." That was thirty-one years ago and the image still sustains me late in the race when everything aches.