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Sunday, July 05, 2009

Helen Ginger, Goddess of the Internet

A few months ago, Helen Ginger posted to her Straight From Hel blog while on vacation in Florida. In one of them, she mentioned that she would be visiting Ft. Lauderdale. I wrote and suggested that she try to find Slip F-18 at Bahia Mar and take a picture.

Now many mystery fans know that Slip F-18, Bahia Mar Marina is where Travis McGee moored his houseboat, The Busted Flush. McGee is a creation of the great John D. MacDonald. He is a boat bum detective (a salvage expert, not a PI), the quintessential modern knight errant.

I know McGee's not there anymore, but I secretly hoped, like Carl Hiaasen, that I was wrong.

"..possibly the old houseboat is tied there still; McGee on deck, tending to fresh bruises, sipping his Boodles; watching the sun slide from the sky over Las Olas Boulevard..Anyway, that's what I want to believe. If he's gone, I prefer not to know."
(Carl Hiaasen ponders McGee's current whereabouts)

So I suggested that Helen pay the site a visit if she was in that area. Wouldn't it have been something if she had found Trav and Meyer, maybe shared one of Trav's martinis and a bowl of Meyer's chili? She brought back the next best thing, an account of her search and pictures of the famous Bahia Mar Marina. You can read about her adventure here. She and her husband went far beyond what anybody could reasonably ask. I owe them big time.

Thank you, Helen.


  1. Helen Ginger said...

    Mark, you just paid me back by labeling your post "hot damn." Very funny.

    Straight From Hel

  2. Anonymous said...

    Hi Mark,
    I'm also a big fan of Travis McGee! Love your blog & will bookmark it & read more of your work.

    I arrived here via Helen's site (thanks, Helen!) &
    also think those pictures are great!

    BTW, I googled the lyrics to Hawaii 5-0 & posted them to enter your contest. Are those correct?

    Lynn in Texas

  3. Mark Troy said...

    Hi Lynn,
    Thanks for stopping by. Send me your address and I'll send the book.

  4. Kathy McIntosh said...

    Another long time John D. MacDonald and Carl Hiaasen fan, dutifully following Helen's instructions to visit your blog.
    So now I've visited Hawaii and Florida without leaving Idaho.
    What a fun day-after-a-holiday.

  5. Anonymous said...

    Well, hot damn, I won the contest!

    Mark, in case you didn't read my post below, I need your email addy to send my info. Thanks. I'm one happy broad tonight!


  6. Kevin R. Tipple said...

    Just found this tonight and have thanked Helen over at her blog. Thanking her as well here as this was/is very cool.

  7. Mark Troy said...


  8. Mark Troy said...

    Kathy and Kevin,

    Thanks for coming by. Idaho has to be a lot more pleasant than Texas in the heat and drought right now.


  9. Marvin D Wilson said...

    I read Helen's post and loved it. Hey Mark, I'll be doing your little lying tag game thingy on my blog. Yep, giving in and doing it. :)

    The Old Silly

  10. Marvin D Wilson said...

    Today's the day - I'm lying through my teeth at The Old Silly's Free Spirit Blog