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Friday, July 24, 2009

It's probably the vienna sausage lobby behind this.

From the Associate Press, Thu Jul 23, 8:56 pm ET

HONOLULU – Not everyone would love to be an Oscar Mayer Wienermobile these days. The Outdoor Circle, an environmental group dedicated to protecting Hawaii's scenery, claims the beloved hot dog-shaped vehicle is in violation of the Hawaii's ban on vehicular advertising.
The group says it hopes the Wienermobile's recent visit to Hawaii will be its last.
Kraft Foods spokeswoman Syd Lindner says to the company's knowledge, it did not violate any laws and secured all proper permits.
The beef comes less than a week after another a Wienermobile lost control and crashed into a Wisconsin house.

This kind of stuff has to be nipped in the bun. What's next? Hummer's disguised as Spam cans? Sushi wagons?


  1. Kevin R. Tipple said...

    When one came through here awhile back, the driver got cited for leaving it parked next to Preston Road while he ate. Apparently we have an ordinance about advertising being placed on vehicles and then said vehicles being placed next to major roadways where it can distract drivers from eating, talking and shaving while driving.

  2. Helen Ginger said...

    Hummers are already disguised. As big giant gas cans.

    Straight From Hel