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Friday, August 21, 2009

Hawaiian Eye/Adventures in Paradise

1959 brought Hawaii statehood and two of the best mystery/adventure shows to appear on television.

Hawaiian Eye starred Robert Conrad as detective Tom Lopaka and Anthony Eisley as his partner Tracey Steele. They operated out of an office in the Hawaiian Village Resort where Connie Stevens, as Cricket Blake, ran the gift shop and sang in the lounge. They were frequently assisted by Kazuo Kim, played by Poncie Ponce who ran a one-man cab company but had hundreds of relatives.

Adventures in Paradise starred Gardner McKay as Adam Troy, a Korean War vet and captain of the schooner Tiki, which he sails around the islands of the South Pacific in search of cargo or passengers (preferably female). The story was based on the book by James Michener who sold the idea to 20th Century Fox. Michener worked on some of the scripts in the first season.


  1. Todd Mason said...

    Now, the Worst show set in's close, but I'll plump for HAWAIIAN HEAT.