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Friday, September 25, 2009

I wouldn't want to be in this family.

Mackenzie Phillips's revelation of an incestuous relationship with her father, John Phillips, didn't earn her any sympathy from her brother. According to CNN,

Mackenzie's half-brother, Tamerlane, the follower of an Indian guru, is having none of it.

"My family is and always will be a decrepit bowl of dog urine compared to Nityananda of Ganeshpuri. That is how great Nityananda is," he told the New York Post's Page Six. "Worship Nityananda, not the Phillips family."


  1. Morgan Mandel said...

    Well, the brother seems a bit strange, but at least he has something to hold onto in life. That's important.

    It's a shame that it seems she didn't have much of a chance. No wonder she was so mixed up.

    Morgan Mandel

  2. Kevin R. Tipple said...

    Her sister isn't buying it either--though she says so in less colorful language.

    If true, it would explain a lot.