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Monday, October 05, 2009

The snake is gone!

Hard Ticket To Hawaii, 1987

This might be the worst movie ever set in Hawaii. Why?
Let me count the ways:
1.The dialogue is as wooden as a totem pole and not as interesting.
2. The main characters: I can't tell these blondes apart, except that one wears blue and one wears white.
3. The snake is really a hand puppet because there are no snakes in Hawaii. They couldn't even bring one in to film a realistic
4. Is that a woman in that stocking mask?
5. Wait until you see the next clip.


  1. Helen Ginger said...

    Mark, that has got to be one of the worst movie clips I have ever seen. That must have bypassed even DVD and gone straight to the Internet.

    Straight From Hel