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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Last night's Hawaii Five 0

Last night was a big improvement over the pilot, which was loaded with cliches. This one, not so many. The highlight was a fight between Kono and a blonde member of some Eastern European gang. It ended up in swimming pool with Kono taking quite a licking but holding her own. At one point, after having been captured and bound with duct tape, she taunts the blonde into backhanding her to the floor so that she can pick up a nail with which to cut the tape. Guts!

The goofs: McGarrett is giving Danno grief for wearing a tie. Okay, not many people wear ties in Hawaii. You can tell when lawyers are heading to court because they're the ones wearing suits and ties. I recall only once wearing a tie. Kamehameha Schools had founders day, which was a big, formal event at the school, and a notice was sent to all staff saying men should wear jackets and ties. Everybody knew what was meant by a tie, but nobody was sure what was meant by a jacket, because the only jacket anybody ever had was a windbreaker. Anyway, McGarrett says a tie is stupid when the temperature is 110. What? It has never been 110 in Hawaii unless you record the inside of a volcano. The average temperature is 73, the highest ever recorded was 93 in 2003.

In both episodes, there has been a scene with Danno and McGarrett in a car with the windows up. This isn't Texas where you need air conditioning when you drive. This is Hawaii where the average temperature  in 73. People drive with their windows open. In fact, a lot of people leave their windows open all the time, which causes a different problem--cockroaches getting into the car. It's not unusual to find somebody with a roach trap under their car seats.


  1. Neil Plakcy said...

    Great points, Mark. I am really enjoying this show, though it's starting to seem like Grace Park has an anger management problem.