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Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Last night on Hawaii Five-0

Last night we learned that Steve McGarrett, played by Jack Lord in the original, was the father of the current Steve McGarrett. In the pilot, we were told that McGarrett's father was John McGarrett. We learned that both McGarrett and Chin Ho were quarterbacks in high school. Do all action heroes have to be quarterbacks? The father-son connection was revealed in a scene of the team watching a tape of McGarrett quarterbacking and his number is 50. McGarrett explains that as coming from his father who was the head of 50. He also states that the number came from Hawaii's status as the 50th state. That was the source of the original title of the series, but I don't know if that was ever explained in the show.

This show gave us some of Chin Ho's backstory with HPD. For such a small island and the way extended families work, the revelation that the cousin Chin Ho thought was a gang banger turned out to be an undercover cop seemed unrealistic.

McGarrett and Williams try to infiltrate an upscale gambling parlor by pretending to be whales. They're no good at it and they get made quickly by the bad guy who looks them up on his iPad. Gotta find that app in the app store.

We get to see Kono in a bikini and a flimsy neglige-like cocktail dress, but not much ass-kicking from her.

Danno's back-story about his daughter and visitation rights gets some play. We're likely to see more of that. In this one, the ex-wife wants to curtail all visitation rights, but McGarrett steps in and gets the governor to apply some pressure. Danno gets put out about McGarrett's intervention. More friction between the top guys.