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Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Hawaii Five- O, Nov. 8

The title for this episode, Mana'o means thought, idea, belief or concept. An HPD detective is found dead in a lua'u pit in an obvious execution. His fellow HPD officers believe him to be a mole for a drug gang. Danno, who was good friends with the dead man, believes otherwise. He sets out to find the real mole and vindicate his friend. In one scene we learn that Chinn Ho experienced the same kind of suspicion when he was with HPD. Maybe we'll get some vindication for him eventually.

What was that with the supposed HPD department? It looked like a combination of sets from Barney Miller and Gone With The Wind. HPD is housed in a new, high tech building.

Locations: Not sure where the beach scenes were shot. The lunch wagon looked like it was shot near the Hilton Lagoon or Fort DeRussey. The Christmas Tree farm is located in Wahiawa, high up on the plateau between the Koolau and Waianae mountain ranges. This is sometimes known as the saddle. A lot of pineapple fields are located near there.

Mary Fran was skeptical about the Christmas Tree Farm because there were none when we lived there. Apparently there are now two, but they haven't been in existence long. Christmas trees were always an issue in Hawaii. The container ships arrived from the Northwest in early December and everybody rushed to get their tree. They had probably been harvested months earlier so most trees were dead and dry by Christmas.

Where are the writers for the show? Arizona? As in a previous episode, a character says the temperature is 110 degrees. It has never been that high. 92 is the highest ever. Not only that, but the character says this while in the tree farm in Wahiawa, which, because of altitude, breezes and distance from the concrete of Honolulu, tends to be a lot cooler than the rest of the island. This week the forecast for Honolulu is for temperatures between 64 and 86, while for central Oahu it will be 60 to 80.

Suits. A lot of people in this episode wore suits and/or sport coats. Only once or twice did I have an occasion to wear a sport coat and I rarely saw other people wearing them.

This was one of the better episodes so far. Danno showed a willingness to break rules if necessary to get the truth about his friend.


  1. Tom Roberts said...

    This episode could be called "The Danno Show." He took most of the action, with McGarrett playing second fiddle. Just as the episode two weeks ago featured Kono in the lead.

    Another enjoyable show. Thanks for the recap Mark.

    Tom Roberts
    Black Dog Books