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Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Home Wreckers

My first attempt at a hard-boiled story, Home Wreckers, is now available at Smashwords and soon on Kindle. The idea for this story came from the title of an article in Sports Illustrated, "Home Wreckers," about the Purdue women's basketball team beating the Lady Vols of Tennessee on their home court. The title suggested more than basketball, however. It suggested cheating and adultery. It was published in the inaugural edition of Nefarious: Tales of Mystery, edited by Bob Forster. Nefarious looked like a winner at a time when a lot of webzines were starting up. Unfortunately, it has had an on-again/off-again history, so not many people know about it, and, sadly, not many people got to read Home Wreckers. It is probably the least well-known of my stories. A word of warning, this story contains strong language.

This cover is my sexiest. It would be downright dirty without the strategically placed title.