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Monday, January 21, 2013

Stan "The Man" Musial

Stan "The Man" Musial died yesterday. He was 92. It's hard to imagine that he's gone. When I was growing up, he was an icon. He was the biggest celebrity in St. Louis and all anybody ever talked about. We all copied his crouching batting stance. The only thing we didn't copy was his fondness for liver and onions.

He batted .331 lifetime, which is an amazing statistic. I saw him hit home runs in the old Sportsman's Park in St. Louis and then in Busch Stadium, which is now gone. Musial was the last of the old-time ball players who were identified with one team their entire career.

For years after baseball, his restaurant, Musial and Biggie's was the place to take a girl you wanted to impress.

Here's the New York Times story on Musial

And here's the KMOX story.

Thanks for all the great baseball, Stan.