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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

About The Splintered Paddle

I'm going to give some background on this novel, The Splintered Paddle, which Five Star Publications is bringing out in June 2014.

Early on in the story, the reader learns that the splintered paddle is ingrained in the Hawaiian spirit. It is a call to protect the defenseless and a symbol of that forms part of the Honolulu Police Department badge.  Here is the badge.

The green square in the center shows crossed canoe paddles and represents the Law of the Splintered Paddle. It is a reminder to the police of their primary mission, to protect the defenseless.  You can read more about the badge on the Honolulu Police Department website:

Here is an excerpt from the story where the badge is first mentioned:

     Jenny said, “Ito told me you’d be like this. He said after I meet your practical objections, I should bring up the moral issue. So, no pimp, no addictions. I’m defenseless and I’m not innocent. Nothing in the law says you have to be innocent.” 
     I didn’t need a reminder of the law and I didn’t appreciate Jenny putting pressure on me. “Innocence isn’t a requirement for me, either, but I need something more.” 
     “The bastard who did this to me? Ron Nevez?” she said. “That bastard is a cop.” 
     I despise the betrayal of trust by those who wear a badge. I spent ten years of my life in the military police, tracking down deserters and other people who disgrace their uniforms. My father was one of those and I hate him for it. I didn’t need any more persuasion, but Jenny wasn’t done. 
     “Have you ever seen the Honolulu Police badge?” she asked. 
     “Yes,” I said. 
     “You know what’s on it?” 
     “Yes,” I said. 
     “An image of a splintered paddle,” she said. 
     “To remind them to protect the defenseless.” 
     “Ron Nevez seems to have forgotten that." 
     “It’s time he had a reminder,” I said. 
Technically, Jenny was wrong about the image. It's actually crossed paddles, but it's intent is the same.