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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Story Acceptance

My latest short story, IFHC, has been accepted for inclusion in the second Shamus Sampler, an anthology of private eye stories by Jochem Vandersteen.

When I started this story, the intent was to find a Christmas market. IFHC stands for "I f***ing hate Christmas." Christmas markets, though, tend to want stories that are soft and warm, even if there is a murder involved. It soon became clear that IFHC was not in that category. There's a lot of blood and bad words in IFHC. I also considered the Murder on the Beach anthology, but the story came in at 8,500 words. Even after cutting it down to 7,500, it was still 2,000 words over the limit. It's still longer than the Vandersteen's preferred length, but he was kind enough to take it anyway.

I don't know when the anthology comes out. It will be an ebook on Kindle.


  1. Kevin R. Tipple said...

    EXCELLENT! The first anthology book he did was really good.