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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Bob Bogle, Guitarist, R.I.P

Bob Bogle, the guitarist who co-founded The Ventures, one of the most influential rock bands of all time, passed away. You can read about it here. The Ventures produced such great instrumental hits as "Walk, Don't Run." "Diamond Head," and what is, in my humble opinion, the greatest TV show theme of all time, "Hawaii Five-O."

That brings up a contest. Did you know that there are lyrics to "Hawaii Five-O?" There are, and they were sung by, who else but, Don Ho. The first person who enters the complete lyrics to "Hawaii Five-O" in the comments section will receive a copy of Pilikia Is My Business. Make sure you enter your snail mail address.

Bob Bogle and The Ventures were inducted into the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame in 2008. Thanks Bob, for some of the greatest boomer music ever.


  1. Anonymous said...

    How about this, via Google:

    If you're feelin' lonely
    You can come with me
    Feel my arms around you
    Lay beside the sea
    We will think of somethin' to do
    Do it 'til it's perfect for you
    And for me too
    You can come with me.

    So leave your world behind you
    You can come with me
    Sing a song I'll teach you
    Live your fantasy
    Love ya in a natural way
    Doesn't matter what time of day
    You and I play
    You can come with me.

    Won'tcha come with me?

    You can come with me.

    Lynn in Texas

  2. Mark Troy said...

    You got it. Send me your address and I'll send the book.

    Thanks for looking it up.


  3. Anonymous said...

    Yay, I won something!
    Now, where do I email you my info, Mark? Can't seem to find your contact addy. Thanks!

    Lynn in Texas