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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Hardboiled Quote #18

"Any last words?" she said, my imminent death glittering in her pale, blue eyes.
"Just four."
"Say 'em."
"Look out behind you."
The White Sister by Stephen J. Cannell,

This was my first Cannell book. Of course I knew who Cannell was. He created The Rockford Files and just about any other television show worth watching. I'd never read his books, however. This one features a Los Angeles detective named Shane Scully, a tough cop who goes off the reservation when his wife apparently kills another detective and then shoots herself. There's a lot fast action in this. I'm going to look for more books by Cannell.


  1. Chris O'Grady said...

    In his early career, Cannell was teamed up with Roy Huggins, who began writing mystery novels (THE DOUBLE TAKE) and switched to TV and stayed there. Cannell did the reverse: he started out partnering wit Huggins and then working solo in TV, and when that was over, he began writing mystery novels. Good decision!

  2. Mark Troy said...

    Thanks for the info Chris. Cannell's skill at storytelling, honed in TV, really show up in this novel.

  3. Kevin R. Tipple said...

    Tried to read a couple of his when he first started writing and they were cliched and amazingly simplistic. I figured he got them published based on his name and TV work. Hopefully, he got better. :)))