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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Mai Tai Update for August

It's official, the city of Oakland has proclaimed August 30 as the 65th birthday of the Mai Tai. Read about it here.

And this from Mano Thanos, owner of the Conga Lounge:

Mahalo Mark,
Your article on the mai tai campaign was the first mention on any blog or publication.
It helped having your blog appear when googling, mai tai campaign.
Since then we have been in the San Francisco Chronicle, Diablo Magazine and on Sunday
both Channel 2 news from Oakland and Channel7 news from S.F. are gonna be at
the Conga lounge for the Mai Tai Day proclamation.
See what you've started?
Mucho Mahalos from the mai tai campaign and the Conga lounge.


  1. Book Bird Dog said...

    Congrats on starting a whole new trend!

  2. Helen said...

    I haven't had a mai tai in years. Ahh, but I remember them well.

    I love your tag for this post: Hot Damn. You are indeed a trend setter.

    Straight From Hel

  3. Mark Troy said...

    Bird Dog and Helen,

    It's probably insignificant in the course of history, but at least it's a fun trend to set. The good thing about all this is that I learned how to make a good Mai Tai.

  4. Helen Ginger said...

    You should post your recipe, Mark.

    Straight From Hel