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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Adios Amigo, R.I.P Patrick Swazye

Sad news about Patrick Swazye passing away. Most women probably remember him for Dirty Dancing. My favorite Swayze movie, however is Point Break. I never pass it up when it comes on television. It ostensibly starred Keanu Reeves as Johnny Utah, but the movie really belonged to Swayze as zen surfer, bank robber Bodhi (Bodhisatva).

Bodhi and his gang of ex-presidents are adrenaline junkies. Nothing is more adrenaline spiking than the skydiving sequences. They were totally unrealistic. No first time jumper is going to get trimmed up to fly like Reeves did. And how high long did that jump last? It seemed like that first jump went on forever, but if they jumped at 10,000 feet and screamed through the sky at 1,000 feet every ten seconds, they had, at most, 90 seconds of free fall before opening at 1,000 feet. That second jump where Utah leaves the plane without a parachute to catch up to Bodhi was an impressive stunt, but believable, for a jumper with one dive under his belt? No way! Still, it was exciting and I can't turn away whenever it come on.

Swayze did his own stunts for that. Awesome!

As Bodhi said when he exited the plane, "Adios Amigo."


  1. Kevin R. Tipple said...

    I was sad to see that he had died. I had suspected things were heading to the worse when A&E suddenly cancelled THE BEAST (the series he was in) and denied that it was his health. The ratings were decent and they wouldn't have cancelled it otherwise.

    Yeah, Point Break, is just fun. DD is pretty good too. My wife likes ROADHOUSE and I am convinced it is mainly because he is shirtless in over half the movie. lol