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Friday, April 16, 2010

Fun with iPad

Ebooks I purchased.

Michael Connelly's Nine Dragons, a Harry Bosch novel. I bought Nine Dragons to test the iBook reader on the iPad. It's a real page turner, or, in the iBook metaphor, a real page flinger. Of course a Harry Bosch book is a page turner regardless of the medium, so maybe it's the wrong choice. This one comes with a brief video of Connelly himself talking about the book in Hong Kong.

James Himes's Where Armadillos Go To Die. This is Himes's third book, but my first, I bought it to read on the Kindle app. After side-by-side comparisons, I have decided I like the iBook better. Although I haven't finished it yet, I highly recommend this book.

I searched the Apple store for Lee Child books and found eight or nine. I downloaded one I hadn't read yet, but when I opened it, discovered it didn't have paragraph marks making it nearly impossible to read. So, I deleted it and wrote a one-star review in which I complained about the formatting. Maybe somebody read it. When I returned to the store today, there were only four Child books and they were all formatted well. I'd like to think someone read my feedback and diode something about it.  


  1. Anonymous said...

    You mentioned that you can read Kindle-acquired books on your iPad. If so, you can get all of the Lee Child books that way. Amazon is extra helpful by numbering them so you can buy them in order.