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Monday, August 16, 2010


I haven't posted in awhile, although I was surprised at how long it's been.

So what has happened?
First, we began remodeling the kitchen. We are entering week four. The cabinets are in and the painters are here. The cabinets look great. next come the counter tops, the floor and the appliances. We're getting anxious to have this project finished. For three weeks we've been living in our bedroom and bathroom. Furniture and kitchen stuff is stacked in the other rooms. The toaster, coffee pot, and microwave are in the bathroom. We're eating out a lot.

Second, I got myself a personal trainer to help me lose some of this weight and get me ready for the White Rock Marathon in December. I meet her for two sessions each week. That's in addition to my four times a week running schedule. Talk about getting a workout from her. She's blonde and cute and she doesn't yell like a drill sergeant. Instead, she says, "You did that so well. I'm so proud of you. Let's add more weight and do another fifteen reps." It's working on me. I'm too tired most evenings to do anything but crash.

I've been working with a cover artist, David Shackelford, on a redesign of the cover for Pilikia Is My Business. Here is the most recent concept.


  1. Helen Ginger said...

    Sounds like you are really pushing yourself. Congratulations.

    It's interesting to see Val. She's not how I envisioned her.

  2. Arthur B. Burnett said...

    Greetings from Falls County,
    I like the new cover, much imporved. We missed you at the writers forum the other night.

  3. Helen Ginger said...

    Ah ha, you work best with praise and sweet talk, not orders. That's good to know.