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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Hawaii Five-O on Monday night

Didn't get to post right after the show, but here are some observations.

Now we get some of McGarrett's backstory with his sister arriving. She seems to carry a lot of baggage, but not much is done with it. Mostly she get put in a corner and nothing develops, though we're led to understand that their father was not the most loving guy.

A scene at the end shows brother and sister at the father's grave in Punchbowl cemetery. The name on the tombstone is John McGarrett! Wasn't he Steve last episode? Doesn't anybody check the scripts for continuity?

Settings for the show:
This episode begins in the Halawa correctional facility with a prison escape. Halawa is located west of Honolulu near Aiea, Salt Lake, Moanalua, near the H3 freeway and Aloha Stadium. To get to Honolulu from Halawa, you would take the H1, which follows the coast past the airport and Honolulu Harbor, downtown and then on towards Waikiki. Waikiki is the destination of the escapee, but he doesn't take the H1. Instead, he goes up Tantalus. Why? Because it allows a scenic shot of Waikiki. Tantalus is a mountain behind Punahou School. It's an area of narrow winding roads past expensive homes with a view. It is not on the route from anywhere to anywhere else. To get up Tantalus, you go up Makiki Street to Round Top Drive and follow it around until it becomes Tantalus Drive which comes back down to where you started.

Magnum used to do similar things with the geography. Never let geography interfere with a scenic shot or a story line.

Later in the show, the bad guy commandeers a tourist helicopter and demands that the pilot take him to Molokai. Instead they go to Chinaman's Hat, an island off Kualoa Beach Park, the other direction from Molokai. The copter crashes in a rain forest and we're to believe it's Molokai.

Kono watch. No surfing in this episode.


  1. Arthur B. Burnett said...

    Greetings from Falls County,
    So far I have only caught the pilot, and the opening scene nearly put me off. The leads father captured by a villian's brother, bravly telling his son not to give in. Let me think, have we ever seen that before?

    Still, the show had something special going for it. The characters worked together better than this fan of the orginal series thought they would.

    Due to it's time slot I will have to catch the other epsoids in reruns this summer, and I am looking forward to it. It isn't the Hawaii Five-0 I remember, but I like the cast.

  2. Tom Roberts said...

    Thanks for the recap, Mark. I missed it last week.

    There's not much "must watch TV" in my life anymore, but I am making a point to catch H5-0, Fringe and The Event.

    (I'm still watching to see if they recycle any of those Magnum PI locations.)

    Tom Roberts
    Black Dog Books

  3. Mark Troy said...

    Art and Tom,

    I don't know if any TV is 'must watch,' but I do like the character interaction and the locations, even if they play fast and loose with the geography.