Book Trailer for Pilikia

Monday, October 18, 2010

Pilikia Epub Update

Smashwords accepted Pilikia Is My Business for premium distribution on 10/11/2010. On 10-14, Smashwords shipped it to Barnes and Noble, Apple, and Diesel. It shipped to Kobo and Sony on 10-15. According to Smashwords, the book should appear in Apple about 1 week after shipping and 2 to 8 weeks for the others. In fact, Pilikia appeared in the Apple iBook store almost immediately. You can now read it on the iPad. Search for Mystery and Suspense or Women Sleuths. Now I have to get the book trailer up and watch the other stores for its appearance.


  1. Helen Ginger said...

    Congratulations Mark! It sounds like Pilikia is My Business is everywhere. Wow.