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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Last Night on Hawaii Five-O

The episode opens with a great hook, tourists on a submersible discover the body of a woman in Waikiki Bay. The body is the daughter of the US ambassador to the Philippines. His other daughter is also missing. The 50 team has to find her.

The episode title is "Nalowale" which means missing or disappeared.

Backstory. McGarrett is in bed with a gorgeous woman. I didn't recognize her at first. It turns out she is the naval officer who re-tasked a surveillance satellite for him in a previous episode. She does it again for him in this episode. I hope he can maintain this relationship, otherwise things could get complicated. Something like this.

McGarrett: I need to you to get a video on the abductors.
Former girlfriend: Get it yourself, you two-timing son of a bitch.
McGarrett: But they have the President's daughter.
Former girlfriend: Too bad. Get your new little Barbie to do it.

McGarrett's sister, Mary, shows up inconveniently. This time she meets the girlfriend leaving McGarrett's bedroom, which results in a lame joke.

Mary: Old house, thin walls.
Girlfriend: Oh, God.
Mary: I heard that a lot.

Mary seems to have nothing to do except watch TV. When she goes looking for the batteries for the TV changer, she finds the box of evidence McGarrett's father had left behind. You would think McGarrett would conceal it more securely, but no, it was under a table. Mary gets into it and begins photographing the evidence.

Locations: The daughter appears to have been taken by people in the sex-trade who use date-rape drugs to abduct young women from clubs. The girl is taken to a place on Kuhio Ave. in Waikiki, which McGarrett refers to as the red light district. There's some truth to that. It's a main street in Waikiki where street walkers congregate. The scene, however, appeared to have been shot in a studio, not on location.

Kono watch. Kono goes undercover as an abductee. She looks great in a party outfit. Competently takes down the guy who supposedly abducted her and then gets tough with the madame, forcing her to tell where the ambassador's daughter is being held. No surfing.