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Monday, September 26, 2011

Help a Friend

Kevin Tipple, a fellow writer and a reviewer from Plano, Texas is experiencing extremely difficult times. Life keeps delivering him and his family body blows that have cost them their health and income. Without help, they will soon be homeless. They have encountered numerous roadblocks in their attempts to get assistance from the State of Texas. Friends from all over have donated generously, but it is still not enough. Now we are taking his case directly to Governor Rick Perry's office. Many of us have sent the email below. If any readers of this blog would join in the campaign, you help would be very much appreciated. We hope it will do some good. It can't hurt to try.

You can contact the Governor's office here:
http://governor. state.tx. us/contact/ assistance. aspx 

For more on Kevin's situation, please visit his blog:
 http://kevintipples corner.blogspot. com/ 

Here's the message I and others have sent to the Governor:

Kevin R. Tipple, a native Texan in Plano, is in such pain he is barely able to sit up or stand. His wife is bed-ridden and needs knee surgery. Neither is able to work and have no income or insurance. For months they have received a bureaucratic run around from SS, Medicaid, and state agencies. Within DAYS, they and their two sons will lose their home due to inability to pay their rent.  They have nowhere to live and no hope unless you intervene and get them assistance so desperately needed. PLEASE HELP!


  1. Kevin R. Tipple said...

    Thank you, Mark. Appreciate it a lot.