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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Teed Off

I met Alexandra Sokoloff at Bouchercon and she said, "Publish your backlist." So here, continuing with her advice, is my favorite short story, Teed Off. It is now available at Smashwords and soon to be available on Kindle.

Teed Off was originally published in Michael Bracken's anthology. Fedora, Private Eyes and Tough Guys. Otto Penzler and James Ellroy considered it worthy of honorable mention in the Best American Mysteries of 2001.

I'm afraid not many folks read it in Fedora, so I hope this gets a wider audience. Of all my stories, I believe this one deserves to be read.

I wrote this with an eye to exploring some hardboiled themes. It features Val Lyon. Moon Ito also has a large role. It's the only short story in which he appears.